How to Keep Users Informed on App Changes ?

Most companies offer an application to their customers today. It is usually meant to make their relation with the company simpler. People can connect through them, get the latest information that they have released or even shop. Every once in a while, upgrades need to be made to keep the app working well, but also to render it more efficient for users. When this happens, it is important to inform them of the changes through the release note. Here is what you need to know about them.

What are Release Notes?

Release notes are documents that are created in order to accompany software updates or to announce a new version. They are meant to provide information on the changes that were made and how it will improve the app. It tells about the known issues that could previously be found inside the software and the bug fixes that were implemented in the new version. They are often detailed and include a description of the changes made and which new features were added.

To help companies getting it right, there is a release notes tool available on the market, which provides all that is needed to create a release note that is visually attracting. This is of outmost important for such type of documents which often come in front of the user’s eyes without ever being read. It is precisely the reverse of what companies want, since their goal is to inform their customers that they have worked to prepare a better product for them to use. If they don’t notice, a large part of the goal will not be achieved and some users may leave, unaware that changes have been made to make the app more efficient and pleasant than before.

Who are meant to read Release Notes?

As we mentioned above, users are the first target of release notes. But they are not the only ones that are meant to be informed. It is also used to inform all employees inside a company of the changes that have been made to their app, as well as to the support staff. Since these changes can affect their work, it is of outmost importance that they receive the release note and that they read it. Any document that is too technical is sure to stop people from reading all the way through, which is why managers choose to work with an online tool to help make the notes more attractive to the eyes. Stakeholders are also another target of the release notes. For example, it is important for investors to understand what their money has been used for.

Release Notes Can Also Serve as an Instruction Manual

Finally, release notes may also contain information on how to install the new software version, making it an instruction manual. It will also tell users about any known compatibility issues with other software, so that they can solve any problem that may happen when they install it. They are the best way to provide users with clear and relevant information about the changes that have been made in each release and to guide them in their use of the latest version.

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