Why use an Architect for the Interior Design of your Vacation Home in France?

When you are planning to buy a second home in France, the last thing you would think of is hiring an architect to design your vacation home. However, there are several advantages to hiring a qualified professional.

The benefits of an architect

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When it comes to designing your vacation home in France, hiring an architect can be very beneficial because a qualified professional can offer comprehensive solutions, superior materials and suppliers, better use of your budget, and even customized solutions.

A global vision and expertise

When you hire an architect, they often have a holistic view of the project and can therefore offer solutions that make the most of the spaces and architectural features present in the property.
This allows clients to let the professional handle all aspects of the interior design work, ensuring that all issues are properly addressed and the project is feasible.

Access to the best materials and suppliers

Architects have access to the best materials available on the market and can sometimes even get special rates from manufacturers or suppliers through their existing relationships. In addition, they are familiar with local shopping sites where you can find the materials you need without spending too much money.

Save time and money

A big part of the job is saving time and money during the interior design process, rather than just spending to make the room look nice initially. An expert such as an architect will be able to effectively recommend solutions that will effectively make the best use of your budget while achieving the desired visual goal for your vacation home.

Customized solutions

The vast majority of clients want to have something that reflects their personal style and is one of a kind so that their vacation home stands out among the other rentals available on the market.
An expert such as an architect will be able to not only bring his or her own original ideas to the project, but also take the client’s ideas and create something unique that will make that vacation home stand out.

How to find an architect in France when you are abroad?

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Finding an architect to design your vacation home in France can be difficult, especially if you are abroad and not familiar with the French market. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to find the best architect to complete your project.

  1. Online search : You can start by searching online to find qualified architects in France who can help you with your project. Sites like Le Moniteur or Archistorm are specialized platforms that offer a variety of profiles and are easy to navigate.
    It is important that you take the time and look at all the information available on each candidate before making a final decision.
  2. Check out national websites : National websites such as the National Order of Architects (CNOA) where you can find Xavier Lemoine, this is a site that offers Internet users a complete list of CNOA members who can meet their vacation home design and interior needs.

They also offer a variety of tools to help clients find an architect that fits their requirements and personal style while meeting their desired budget costs.

  1. Talk to your friends : If your friends, family or acquaintances already know someone working as an architect in France or have used such a professional themselves, they will probably be happy to share their advice with you so that you can get the quality you need without spending too much.

What information should I give to the architect so that he manages your project in the best way, despite the distance?

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Hiring an architect to manage your remodeling project from a distance can make things much easier, as you don’t have to leave your home or take the time to travel to find the right expert.

However, before hiring a qualified professional, it’s important to give the architect this key information so that he or she can adapt the plan to local specifics and weather conditions :

Detailed description of the project

Clearly explain the goals and objectives of the project (e.g. thermal performance improvement, creation of additional space etc.). In this context, do not forget to mention the approximate size and type of space to be worked on (internal or external).

Photos of the building and surrounding area

Photos of the site are very useful for the architect to understand the local situation as accurately as possible, but they are even more important if you are planning an extension with an external installation (swimming pool, terrace etc). In addition, images taken from different angles also provide a better general idea of the overall appearance and location in relation to other existing infrastructure.

Plans of the existing house and material used

If possible, provide not only an updated plan but also some information on the materials already used such as interior/exterior woodwork, systems in place etc. This information will be very useful if you wish to keep certain facilities without compromising the overall functionality.

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