How to use solid products properly?

Solid products are the response to the ever-increasing environmental pollution caused by containers from cosmetic products. Aside from this, they also give a different look to the body, certainly better than your conventional products. However, you can only maximize their benefits when you know how to use them properly.

How to use a solid shampoo?

solid cotton soap

One of the major questions on the mind of many before trying out a solid shampoo is if it would be as effective as a regular shampoo or lather up the same. Well, the fact is that it would do just as well, if not even better when used appropriately. The process of using a solid shampoo is pretty straightforward.

First, wet your hair with warm water, and rinse off any residues of hair oil or masks. For those with long hair, it’s best to section it in order to ensure the shampoo gets to every inch of your scalp. After that, apply the shampoo on the base of your hair, near the roots precisely and rub gently. Remember to focus on the roots and massage gently, and while doing this, your shampoo would create lovely lather. Finally, rinse off the shampoo.

How to use a solid beauty mask?

The first step is for you to wet your face with water and also moisten your beauty mask too with it. After that, you can either choose to apply the mask to your skin directly with your fingertips or more like rub it like a cream with your palms. While doing this, note your facial skin is delicate, therefore you must be gentle.

For a deeper effect, you can massage your skin for a while, before allowing the mask to settle and do what it does best, clean your face.

How to use a solid deodorant?

Solid deodorants look like a brick until when it comes in contact with water. Water is that solution that breaks down the solid cosmetic defenses, unleashing their value on our skin. Solid deodorants work this way too, therefore, you’d need to moisturize it with a bit of warm water.

Next, apply it gently to your underarms, where it would leave a thin layer of cream that would prevent body odor without affecting your systems’ perspiration process.

How to store these solid products?

toothbrush with solid toothpaste and cotton swab

Unlike conventional customers products that come in plastics or other packages, solid products do not. Therefore, you need to know how to store them, and the ultimate rule when doing this is to keep them away from moisture.

Whatever you do, secure your solid products from moisture. Just like a soap melts when left wet for a long time, solid products will too. Placing them in a holder with drains underneath would ensure that water never stays around long enough to make them melt.

Another option is to purchase a jar that was specially designed for this purpose. The jar should be perforated for easy evaporation of the product after use.

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